INTERNET via Satellit how does it works?

You need a computer with an existing Internetacessen for example via GSM (handy), Inmarsat o Iridium.
 The computer need a USB- connection. 
You get from us a Sat-USB Modem and a istallation CD-Rom. 
After installation you have only to switch the antenna to the correct satellite (telekom 2b) and connect you to your existing internetconnection. 
The request for the website (only several character) will be send via your old internet connection. The download of the requested website ( a lot of kilobytes ) you will receive via sat modem with ca. six to ten times faster than ISDN. The maximum you can get is 70 times faster than ISDN.

to receive emails, how does it work?

As long as the antenna will be connect to the telcom 2b you get your email offline. They will be sent 3 or 4 times to make shure that they are proper received. They will be also stored in the SKYDSL server. If you are a long time not connected with the antenna, you can be request your email by any internetconnection. 

can I get my websites offline ?

Yes, you can subscribe some websites, and you get it offline daily via sat. You can get every website offline via downloadslave. The request can be sent per email or SMS and you receive this website per email.

can I get the weatherreport via Internet offline ?

yes thats not a problem, click here for more information.

whats the price of this service ?

For the Sky-DSL Webpacket M you pay, if you get the access via yachttechnik 20.- € / month. You can be use the internet without limit and extra fee. You can be use extra services, for this must be paided extra. The actuel pricelist you get via directlink (only in german ) or get it by request.
For the institution you pay 79.- € once and for a sat-USB modem (dayprices ca. 200.-€). We will install the access on your computer for only  299.- € + ride + sat-modem.

You will be get the packet also direct at Strato, but than you get only the strato hotline. Click to the link below and go to the sat provider ( avalible only in german ).

Starten Sie jetzt mit bis zu 8.000 KBit/s ins Internet - Bestellen Sie skyDSL von STRATO !  


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